3-rd Joint Finnish-Estonian Seminar in Stochastics and Statistics, Tartu, September 9-12, 2010






    Local contact


Sept 9

Charter bus from Tallinn Sea Terminal D to Tartu at 13.00 (trip 2,5 hours). The bus will make a stop at Tallinn Airport. Our doctoral student Jevgenia will meet participants at Sea Terminal.

Alternatively, it is possible to take regular bus from Tallinn Bus Station (buses every 30 minutes, at least) Unfortunately, Tallinn Sea Port is not very close to the Bus Station. It makes about 3 km and one has to use tramway (including 5 minutes walk) or taxi. In Tartu, the accommodation is again ca 3 km from the bus station. The regular bus between Tallinn and Tartu is very frequent, it costs normally 150 EEK (~EUR 10). There are discounts for young people under 26 (-10%. Saturday -60%) and senior people above 60 years (Thursday -60%, Sunday -10%).

For time table of bus traffic see: http://www.bussireisid.ee/index.html?MENU=PLAN&KEEL=en

Sept 12

Charter bus from Tartu to Tallinn, departure from the hotels at 7.30. The bus will make a stop at Tallinn Airport and arrives at Sea Terminal D by 10.00 (approx.)